Sunday, May 27, 2012

Undo my Seams

The universe is a mirror of yourself. Do you see the beauty in it or the ugly? Check. Are you really you or are you being someone else?

You can be put on a shelf and displayed for a day in a shade of grey, then teleport somewhere else, maybe a little elf will whisper in your ear, tell you everything you need to hear, show you where you need to look, a thief stole your soul and you're the crook-ed thought we're all in a melting pot, boiling in our lies until we rot, then we feed ourselves to the young and the old and the middle sold  in desperation for them to know the hurt we've endured, in hopes that we can allure them into thinking the same, reliving our pain since we had to feel it and its not fair, so here take this hate, there's plenty to share, don't stop and care about your being just focus your attention on what you're seeing. 

Yes, that's good, digest your ego, you are what you eat, you must come with me though and follow in my steps of despair don't you ever declare what's on your mind, don't you dare feel aligned with the idea of no time, you get no words, you won't be heard by anyone or anything, don't you dare listen to your heart ring, don't you dare go against the cause of suffering, my mind created hell on earth and you'll be joining me. 


  1. Your posts have an amazing ability to awaken the soul of the reader. Please don't ever stop writing these :-)

  2. ahhh i always look forward to your comments because you are such an encouraging soul! thank you so much! i will never stop writing :)