Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Taste of me for the World to See

Money makes the world go round.
Money makes the world spin upside down.
Seasick from all of this green, greed, mean-
ing has lost its meaning.
Our eyes are open, but were not seeing.
Were not being.
Were doing as were told until one day we get old and regret the life we’ve lived, 
or not, 
you kinda just let your soul rot.

Id like to say it’s a waste of space,
but everything is in its perfect place.
Imperfectly perfect isn’t so wrong,
it gives me the ability to be strong,
And sing a song or two
about the universe and its true blue.
I see every color, every shade of dark;
I see everything, but I don’t see your heart.

One day you’ll wake up and wonder why you didn’t give,
Give your soul to everything in exchange for a dream you can live.
Compassion is the life force that ignites our breath
So breathe in deep and let your spirit rest.
The inexplicably changing rates of time are mirrored for your love to see it blind.

You caught me in a fishnet and hung me to dry
While all the other fish just swam by.
and by and by and by and by.
And I didn’t resist
I just watched and laughed and waited
And you hated me for it
And I wasn’t mad
And I wasn’t sad
I slowly became untied
The net broke
So I rode the tide
I wasn’t jealous of the other fish
I wasn’t jealous of what I didn’t miss
I just went with the flow of emotion
The flow of the ocean
The movement of water and change,
So strange.

I am not a machine
My life will not be consumed by the evilness of greed,
And power and clocks on the hour,
and the past,
The future,
But what about now?
Stop wondering why or when or how
It will all come to you when you’re ready.
On your way to be free
On your way to be with me.