Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spirituality is Being True to Yourself

Spirituality is not a standard or a set of rules or guidelines that you live by. It's not becoming a vegetarian, doing yoga, or meditating everyday. By conceptualizing these ideas, we limit and bind ourselves to everything that spirituality is not. There's no initiation to being "spiritual," no ritual. It is simply the dedication to understanding yourself and life to the deepest depths, and from this dedication stems the truths of the universe, the laws of love that we were created to live with.
In understanding the many facets of life, we come to appreciate everything that life has to offer, everything it teaches us.

When we are able to understand ourselves, we are able to understand the universe, for they are one in the same. With this knowledge comes forgiveness, forgiveness of others misunderstandings and judgments, anger and hurt, coldness and fear, but most importantly, forgiveness of ourselves. Forgiveness of the judgments WE'VE made, the decisions we regret, the words we wish we never said. And then, with this forgiveness, comes love. Unconditional love. Love in knowing that every single expression of life is rooted in the latter, in knowing that that root blooms into itself, into love, from love, and will never cease to exist.

Being Spiritual doesn't mean that you are "happy" and "cheery" all of the time, or that nothing seems to phase you, because it sure as hell does. I used to believe this crap, and because of it I put myself down, thinking that if I'm spiritual, shouldn't I be on the same "level" of these other "spiritual" beings? Shouldn't I be able to rid myself of pain and fear because I "know" the supposed truth? Why am I still crying? Why can't I live what I know? Why do I still have an ego when I know that's not who I am? WHY do I still hurt so much? I let my mind eat my heart from the inside out until I realized the truth . . .

The truth sure as hell do hurt, and you sure as hell do cry, and you will do so until YOU don't need to anymore and only you know when that is. Pain in the heart is usually a deep hurt, a hurt that takes time to let go of and heal. You should cry, you should scream, you should be angry. LET IT OUT. Just let yourself go, and know that when you are ready, and only when you are ready, your true self will be waiting for you in your heart, to actualize itself. Time isn't going anywhere, so be patient with yourself and you'll find the truth in that patience.

You'll understand that being "spiritual" is actually just trial and error for finding the truth, and the truth is whatever resonates with YOU. You'll feel it, you'll know it. You'll understand the movement and rhythm of life, and you won't be overwhelmed or overtaken by unpleasant circumstances that arise.
You'll understand the contrast of life within the oneness that it is. That pain brings life to pleasure, and that darkness is only there so that it may be lit up once again. Yes, emotions are transient and experiences are unexpected, but it's all a learning experience. Not knowing what's going to come next. Not knowing what the next piece might be to the seemingly never ending puzzle. That not-knowingness, infused with the essence of knowingness- that trust you feel towards the universe that everything is unfolding as it should- is what makes life so damn beautiful, because no matter what, life goes on, and you are still alive.

So throw yourself into the wind, trusting that life will carry you wherever you need to be, even if you have no idea where you are going. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh Life, What Are You?

I've decided to just make a list of some questions/observations I've had lately (with some possible answers). My intentions aren't to offend, just interested in hearing others' points of view. Feel free to comment on here with your possible answers or you can send me an email at ! peacee to yall <3333

*Christians/Catholics believe that God judges you based on whether you've been good or bad enough to go to "heaven" or "hell." What I wonder is what if going to "hell" is really just us reincarnating on earth (what we now think is hell) until we've finished our karmic cycle and then were able to go to heaven? Heaven being the higher dimensions from which we originally come, our natural state, our "comfort zone.. What if our souls made plans & contracts with God, Source, Spirit to learn certain life lessons and until we've truly learned them and allowed our I AM presence (true spirit) to actualize, we're not yet ready to graduate from this cosmic classroom?

*So I was thinking about Christianity/Catholicism (CC) compared to Buddhism, and I wondered why CC views God as greater than us or of an essence that we are not. If God is everything and we were created in his image then wouldn't we be the children of his art?
 Buddhists believe that the God is within you as well as without, that there is no separation of all that is, and all that is is bound to the laws of love, so I came up with an analogy to try explain why giving your power away (feeling inferior to God) seems silly. 

- So you have a painter who painted a painting. The Painter isn't greater than the painting and the painting isn't greater than the painter, they are both just the essence of the same thing in different forms. The painter holds the emotion of his work within and unveils it as a piece of art without, taking nothing away from the emotion, just merely expressing it, like I said, in a different form.

*What if we are an experiment? (which I think we are) What if Adam & Eve were the beginning and God gave them the option to eat from the tree of knowledge (although he warned them not to) just to see what would happen? What if we are the results :)

*According to Christianity and Catholicism (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong), God is all forgiving and after you die you stand before God in a time of judgement, asking for forgiveness for your sins, and if you don't, you are sent to hell, but if God is all forgiving then wouldn't he forgive you for not asking for forgiveness?

*Again, according to Christianity and Catholicism, you can be eternally damned and perished. What I want to know is why God would ever express himself as something that can be eternally damned ? (since God is everything) 

Anyways, only a few more days until the Christ Consciousness - the knowing of the true self & embodiment of love- is activated. It's about time we allow our lives to unfold as they should.