Sunday, May 27, 2012

Undo my Seams

The universe is a mirror of yourself. Do you see the beauty in it or the ugly? Check. Are you really you or are you being someone else?

You can be put on a shelf and displayed for a day in a shade of grey, then teleport somewhere else, maybe a little elf will whisper in your ear, tell you everything you need to hear, show you where you need to look, a thief stole your soul and you're the crook-ed thought we're all in a melting pot, boiling in our lies until we rot, then we feed ourselves to the young and the old and the middle sold  in desperation for them to know the hurt we've endured, in hopes that we can allure them into thinking the same, reliving our pain since we had to feel it and its not fair, so here take this hate, there's plenty to share, don't stop and care about your being just focus your attention on what you're seeing. 

Yes, that's good, digest your ego, you are what you eat, you must come with me though and follow in my steps of despair don't you ever declare what's on your mind, don't you dare feel aligned with the idea of no time, you get no words, you won't be heard by anyone or anything, don't you dare listen to your heart ring, don't you dare go against the cause of suffering, my mind created hell on earth and you'll be joining me. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weirdos Digest

I'm having a weird human moment where I'm wondering who the hell I am and how the hell did I get here? I can't see you here, but I can feel you here. What are you? I'm just knit-picking the energy levels. Don't we all just want to lose our minds? Then we wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore. Don't we all just want to lose our minds? Then we'll find our hearts. We all just want to leave our imprint on this earth and thats what I'm doing. The size of our bodies is insignificant, but the size of our hearts is not, and until you speak from yours, it won't be content. You have all of the questions while feeling all the answers in your heart, and you keep looking out, but look within.

So, I'm standing on the earth here and you're standing on the earth there and I'm feeling what I'm feeling here and you're feeling what you're feeling there, but is it possible that were feeling the same thing at the same time? Maybe these emotions aren't so alien after all. Did you ever consider that there are millions of people who are feeling the same exact thing as you, they're just scared to admit to it, just as you are, but don't you see through everyones translucent masks? Don't you see through your own?

Why are we all so ashamed to be insecure, were all just trying to figure out what were looking for. If so many people around you are feeling the same, then why don't you relate to them instead of hate on them. Say something nice and see how much better you feel. You'll go to bed with less pain, knowing that you are being a good person instead of an angry person and it will translate over into the next day where you wake up feeling better than the day before about yourself and this positive pattern continues and you start to eradicate this hurt out of your heart, you actually understand the meaning of a fresh start filled with a clear blue sky, where all the negativity has died.

Much love to all you angels out there, which is everyone <3

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fall in Love With Yourself

Do you ever feel like you’re two people? Like your heart is one person and your brain is the other, and until you resolve the battle between the two, you wont find inner peace. How can you trust anyone if you don’t even trust yourself? You are constantly beating, hurting, and lying to yourself. That’s why you don’t even love who you are. It’s like a relationship: how can you love someone when they are constantly lying to you and breaking your heart? You cant. 

You must love yourself. You must nourish, treat and take care of yourself the way you’d expect the love of your life to take care of you, with compassion and encouragement. You just want someone to love you because it’s too hard for you to try and love you. You you you, open your eyes and feel the love , open your heart and see the love.

I don’t know who’s quote this is, I found it online, but it says “a soul mate is someone who will make you the most ‘you’ that you can possibly be.” Your heart is your spirits soul mate, so don’t separate, don’t be blinded by hate. Hate is fueled by love, it’s like a glove that you put over your hand that masks what’s inside, but there’s no need to hide because you know it’s there and it’s really not fair to you or anyone else to not allow yourself to feel what were made of. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Taste of me for the World to See

Money makes the world go round.
Money makes the world spin upside down.
Seasick from all of this green, greed, mean-
ing has lost its meaning.
Our eyes are open, but were not seeing.
Were not being.
Were doing as were told until one day we get old and regret the life we’ve lived, 
or not, 
you kinda just let your soul rot.

Id like to say it’s a waste of space,
but everything is in its perfect place.
Imperfectly perfect isn’t so wrong,
it gives me the ability to be strong,
And sing a song or two
about the universe and its true blue.
I see every color, every shade of dark;
I see everything, but I don’t see your heart.

One day you’ll wake up and wonder why you didn’t give,
Give your soul to everything in exchange for a dream you can live.
Compassion is the life force that ignites our breath
So breathe in deep and let your spirit rest.
The inexplicably changing rates of time are mirrored for your love to see it blind.

You caught me in a fishnet and hung me to dry
While all the other fish just swam by.
and by and by and by and by.
And I didn’t resist
I just watched and laughed and waited
And you hated me for it
And I wasn’t mad
And I wasn’t sad
I slowly became untied
The net broke
So I rode the tide
I wasn’t jealous of the other fish
I wasn’t jealous of what I didn’t miss
I just went with the flow of emotion
The flow of the ocean
The movement of water and change,
So strange.

I am not a machine
My life will not be consumed by the evilness of greed,
And power and clocks on the hour,
and the past,
The future,
But what about now?
Stop wondering why or when or how
It will all come to you when you’re ready.
On your way to be free
On your way to be with me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Warning Sign

Think about how many things are on your mind in this very moment and then imagine all of those thoughts condensed into that tiny little head of yours, even smaller, condensed into your brain. Weird to imagine right? Now think about your thoughts. Are they what you want them to be? If not, change them. It's amazing what self-affirmations can do for you. Call me weird, call me whatever you want, but when I catch myself doubting who I am or the way I look, I stop myself and simply say "No, I am beautiful," and the more I say it the more I actually believe it.

Ever since high school I've hated magazines. The way they portray celebrities, people's "role models," dressed provocatively as if that's acceptable, claiming that this is how you need to look in order to get someone, anyone's attention. Disgusting. The way they train you to be a certain way if you want to be happy or if you want to score the right guy. Wear this makeup and he''ll for sure go for you. Say these words and you'll become irresistible. It's funny because I used to believe all this. I thought the more and more I read, the more confident and beautiful and sexy I would become. But the exact opposite happened. My insecurities grew and my self confidence was shattered. I continued to compare myself to these "perfect" beings in the magazine and anyone walking down the street for that matter. I would ask myself "Why can't I look like that?" "Why are they so lucky that they were created perfectly?" Was I serious? 

What happened to the beauty that lies within each and every one of us? I know it sounds corny, but it's true! If our souls are beautiful, it will reflect on the outside through our physical body. When you become happy with who you are on the inside, you will see the sparkle in your own eyes. And then you will see it in everyone else's eyes. You'll stop judging everyone else, you'll stop judging yourself. Judgment hurts; it's an unnatural state of my mind. That's why you feel pain anytime you judge someone or something. It's merely a reflection of the things you are unhappy with in your own life. 

I used to wonder why my art couldn't look like this artists, why my mind couldn't create something as beautiful, but then I realized it can. It's irrelevant to compare yourself to anyone, to compare your work to anyone else's. There's no point, it's a waste of energy. You are you. You will always be you, no matter what, so find the beauty that resides in you because you have it. Beauty takes all shapes and forms, it's effortless, it has no restrictions, no limitations, it's infinite, it's incomparable. We all think and create differently so that all these talents and thoughts and desires and passions come together to create something beautiful; to create life, to create peace, to create a world where you love yourself and I love you too. 

Consider this a warning sign. Don't fall victim to the bullshit that the media feeds you. Don't be anyone but yourself. Own who you are, because there is no other you out there. 

Listening to the song Warning Sign by Coldplay inspired the title of this blog, so if you haven't heard it, check it out, it's BEAUTIFUL. 

This is just a painting I did the other week that I thought I'd share!
Have a beautiful day everyone. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lost in a Maze. Caught in a Gaze

You feel so lost in a world that makes it so hard to find yourself.  Be my friend. Ill let you in. Its almost like im scared to get to know myself, but what am I so scared of? I have a lot to offer, So does every human in the world. We all have something to offer and we must understand that so we can forgive. To understand is to forgive. 

Why are we all so afraid to admit to doing human things? Were so scared were being judged for doing something that EVERYONE does. Don’t look at me, I’m being human. Everything’s a secret. Why? WHY ARE WE JUST LIVING A BIG LIE? Is it just me or do you feel it too? It’s all a scam. I see it all so perfectly now. What’s in your wallet that man asks you on tv. Well have you checked recently, because you’ll have one of two things I’m assuming: money or memories. 

They’ve trained us to organize our minds. To put it into categories that we apparently belong to based on what they say is or isn’t normal? Well who are you to say what is and isn’t normal?  What does normal even mean anymore? Nobody knows, nobody freaking knows, but whatever you think it is goes. Let your walls down. Go ahead. I wont judge you. 

I’m so angry that we all just get caught in this lie. I’m so angry that we’ve all been deprived of life. Nobody wants to admit that this is what’s really going on because it would be too awful and painful to admit that our own government is against us, manipulating us; so they just repress it and carry on with their life wondering why they feel this strange hurt in their heart that they cant seem to get rid of. Sometimes I wonder where I’m going with a thought, but I’m getting better at just letting it go because it seems the more I let go the more I know. So come. I invite you to let go. Let go of everything that brings you down. Find that smile that’s been turned into a frown. Corny as it sounds, but dance. Put your body in a trance. Feeel the beat and the melody and feel yourself be free. I love you. And I love me. Ahhhhhhhh everybody lets just be freeee.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Maybe, Just Maybe

Maybe I have all of these thoughts for a reason. Maybe they aren't for nothing. I always felt crazy about my ideas, but maybe I'm not so crazy. Maybe they are the crazy ones and the jokes on us because we believed them. We believed them when they told us we were wrong and told us we had no right to move on. No. You must stay in the past and watch your life run out like an hour glass while you try to fit into the standards of society where you are not allowed to be free. No. You must stay in this fucking fish bowl of a a world where we are all just swimming around aimlessly with no heads. I'd rather be dead.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Is it love that occupies the space between you and I? I like to think so. Space. It's nothing and everything at the same time. So much more than what meets the eye. Mirrored for you to the see the reflection of yourself, the reflection of love.  Love is in the oxygen we breathe. Love is just what we need. Listen to your body. Feel what your heart is trying to tell you.

 When were all walking alone on the street why can't we all just say hey? Why can't I ask you about your day? I get so scared to say how I feel to the people I love the most because I never want them to misjudge the intentions of my words or actions. I just want them to know that my reasons for my behavior is to access the highest level of love possible. I want to unlock it for everyone to feel. I want them to know that it's real. And maybe I have mishaps along the way, but I don't really like to call them mishaps because there's nothing missing in them. I keep reassuring myself that every moment is unfolding as it should and every time I say it I believe it a little bit more. It's all so perfectly perfect. Opposites existing as one. You just want to have it in your grasp, to have complete control over it, but the more you resist yourself, your emotions, the greater the urge to resist that resistance becomes.

We're all just hiding behind these translucent masks where we think were escaping life, resisting with all our might when there's nothing to resist. Resistance. Denial. Fear. It's all the same. It all just leads your heart to pain. So how about we all just spread a little love. Give someone a hug.  There's absolutely no fault in loving someone, especially with your whole heart. Once you start to realize that everything was created on the foundation of love, everything's purpose is love, and everything exists because of love, then you begin to uncover the happiness that has always lived inside of you. Everything is present in the heart. Just trust me that love is enough.

Sending my love to everyone always <3 <3 <3