Monday, April 30, 2012

Humans. Tough Love

We're just bodies of being, choosing what to see and believe; choosing what not to see and who to blame. Stop blaming the source of your suffering on external factors and look deep inside of yourself. Nothing is creating this pain it but you. You can lie to as many people as you want, hell you can continue to lie to yourself for the rest of your life, but just know that in doing so, you'll never be truly happy.

It's time to start being honest with yourself. Everyone makes mistakes so why are we all so scared to admit to it? We are all human. We feel, we hurt, we love, we cry, we get scared, we lie. You'll never be able to accept yourself until you admit the truth to yourself. Break your walls down. Not the walls you use to block everyone else out with; the walls you use against yourself. Muster up the courage to transform your life into what you truly want it to be. Not what anyone else wants it to be. Get to know yourself a little bit better, because after years and years of lying to yourself (which I did), you might not be who you thought you were. You'll be something better.

This is how I think about it: your life is a path of thoughts. The more positive your thoughts are, the more positive your life will be, guaranteed. The more negative your thoughts are, the more negative your life will be. It's plain and simple. Your life is in your hands, no one else's and I think once we start realizing this, we begin to happily take responsibility for our errors in judgment. We are able to finally cut loose the lies that have been binding us to the past, preventing us from creating a happy future and enabling us to take present moments for granted.

You can't hide from what you feel so heal yourself and be real.

<3 Jenna