Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lost in a Maze. Caught in a Gaze

You feel so lost in a world that makes it so hard to find yourself.  Be my friend. Ill let you in. Its almost like im scared to get to know myself, but what am I so scared of? I have a lot to offer, So does every human in the world. We all have something to offer and we must understand that so we can forgive. To understand is to forgive. 

Why are we all so afraid to admit to doing human things? Were so scared were being judged for doing something that EVERYONE does. Don’t look at me, I’m being human. Everything’s a secret. Why? WHY ARE WE JUST LIVING A BIG LIE? Is it just me or do you feel it too? It’s all a scam. I see it all so perfectly now. What’s in your wallet that man asks you on tv. Well have you checked recently, because you’ll have one of two things I’m assuming: money or memories. 

They’ve trained us to organize our minds. To put it into categories that we apparently belong to based on what they say is or isn’t normal? Well who are you to say what is and isn’t normal?  What does normal even mean anymore? Nobody knows, nobody freaking knows, but whatever you think it is goes. Let your walls down. Go ahead. I wont judge you. 

I’m so angry that we all just get caught in this lie. I’m so angry that we’ve all been deprived of life. Nobody wants to admit that this is what’s really going on because it would be too awful and painful to admit that our own government is against us, manipulating us; so they just repress it and carry on with their life wondering why they feel this strange hurt in their heart that they cant seem to get rid of. Sometimes I wonder where I’m going with a thought, but I’m getting better at just letting it go because it seems the more I let go the more I know. So come. I invite you to let go. Let go of everything that brings you down. Find that smile that’s been turned into a frown. Corny as it sounds, but dance. Put your body in a trance. Feeel the beat and the melody and feel yourself be free. I love you. And I love me. Ahhhhhhhh everybody lets just be freeee.


  1. Oh my gosh Jenna...this is absolutely AMAZING! This speaks to the dreamer within me...I'm rather speechless.

  2. thank you so much! to know that my words have meaning to you makes my heart smile! <3 all the love in the world to you!

    1. You are welcome. Thank YOU for writing this. I read every single word of your four posts on here...and then I read them again. They resonated with me on so many levels. It's refreshing to know that there are other dreamers out there in this amazing world of ours. Mat I follow your blog? Also, I would like to correspond via email about these topics sometimes ( if you would like. Have a wonderful Sunday friend :-)