Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Is it love that occupies the space between you and I? I like to think so. Space. It's nothing and everything at the same time. So much more than what meets the eye. Mirrored for you to the see the reflection of yourself, the reflection of love.  Love is in the oxygen we breathe. Love is just what we need. Listen to your body. Feel what your heart is trying to tell you.

 When were all walking alone on the street why can't we all just say hey? Why can't I ask you about your day? I get so scared to say how I feel to the people I love the most because I never want them to misjudge the intentions of my words or actions. I just want them to know that my reasons for my behavior is to access the highest level of love possible. I want to unlock it for everyone to feel. I want them to know that it's real. And maybe I have mishaps along the way, but I don't really like to call them mishaps because there's nothing missing in them. I keep reassuring myself that every moment is unfolding as it should and every time I say it I believe it a little bit more. It's all so perfectly perfect. Opposites existing as one. You just want to have it in your grasp, to have complete control over it, but the more you resist yourself, your emotions, the greater the urge to resist that resistance becomes.

We're all just hiding behind these translucent masks where we think were escaping life, resisting with all our might when there's nothing to resist. Resistance. Denial. Fear. It's all the same. It all just leads your heart to pain. So how about we all just spread a little love. Give someone a hug.  There's absolutely no fault in loving someone, especially with your whole heart. Once you start to realize that everything was created on the foundation of love, everything's purpose is love, and everything exists because of love, then you begin to uncover the happiness that has always lived inside of you. Everything is present in the heart. Just trust me that love is enough.

Sending my love to everyone always <3 <3 <3

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