Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wish Upon a Star

I'm sitting here and I'm just thinking about how beautiful life is. Every breath I inhale even more of the essence of my being and now I'm seeing life for what it really is. So what is it really? Are you open to receive the love infused in my words or will the truth hurt, just like everything else? Either way, its perfect. Either way its exactly how it's meant to be at this very moment. That being said, what if you could make your next moment even better? What if you could remember the goodness of a moment and carry it over into the next? What if you could choose how to feel? What you want? Where you want to be? What would you choose? Sit there and think about it for a moment... you might even make a wish. Don't worry, no ones watching.

If you could wish for anything, what would it be? And be specific, dont be shy, nothings impossible. Imagine that wish coming true. What does it look like? What does it taste and smell like? What colors are there? How do you feel? Bring the moment to life in your mind so that you can manifest this moment in real life, or, something even better. The more energy we spend imagining our wildest dreams and wishes, the more likely they are to come true. The more energy we spend on thinking about what we dont have, and what we hate, and what we dont want any more of, the less likely we are to achieve our dreams.

The truth is, we can choose whatever we want, however we want our moment to be, good or bad. We are in control of ourselves and that is all so why not take advantage of it? We are our own vehicle, but many of us have become stagnant in movement because we've forgotten that we are the driver, so step on the gas and follow your path. You are it. Everything you've imagined. Everything you've ever wanted. So unwrap everything that you are and choose to remember that this is YOUR life, no one else's, and you can do whatever you wish. You are the star of your own movie and you can have whatever you want because it's all about you.

Law of attraction. Its that simple. Your thoughts manifest your reality. If you think the world is awful, and my mom hates me, and my job sucks, then thats what you'll see, thats what you'll get. Being a female, of course I've had a few things to say about others (its just in our conditioned behavior patterns), so when I would start to focus on the "negative" qualities in a person, then that's all I would be able to see and then I would focus on those qualities even more until I couldn't see anything but that "negativity" in that person. You see we get trapped in this subconscious thought pattern that continues to loop around itself and we dont even realize it. We've become comfortably numb with everything. Pain is normal. Prescription drugs fix everything. School is necessary. Money makes you happy. Life is all about dealing with the suffering. No! This is wrong.

It's beautiful that we've all lived our lives up to now in the best way we know how, expressing ourselves and our love to the best of our ability, but what if we could understand that this is not in our true nature? We are not meant to be boxed up in class rooms where people tells us what to study and what to learn and how to be "successful" and "happy." Education is beautiful, but what is the point of it if we don't even know anything about ourselves? Shouldn't that be our top priority?

Why do we spend so much energy consuming our minds with other peoples opinions when we know them not to be true? Why do we believe everything that everyone else tells us, but we dont listen to what our own heart is trying to tell us? It's easier that way. It's easier to fade into the crowd and give into everyones wants and needs. It's easier to deplete your energy by giving yourself away to others. That way they never question you, that way they never attack you. It's just easier to keep your mouth shut so that others will keep their mouths shut as well. But what if we gave ourselves a challenge and viewed it as fun and exciting? What if we tested ourselves to speak our truth and express our individuality? What if we dared ourselves to do what we've always wanted to do?... and then did it.

The only person who is going to regret your life is YOU. Everyone is busy regretting what they didn't do and the choices they shouldn't have made, so it wouldn't be fair if you actually lived out your life the way you wanted to. Don't let these people bring you down, let them inspire you and show you what you who you are not. Take responsibility for your actions and the situations you come across and know that you can change them at any time. We get so stuck on looking at what's behind us, so we can never move forward. Let go. Just let it go because it's gone. It can't be changed, but your moment can be, so choose how you want your moment to feel and maybe you can live in that moment forever.

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