Monday, September 10, 2012

Everything is not as it Seems, We are Just Lost in a Beautiful Dream

It's amazing the things were taught to believe from the start of our physical existence. People always telling you that the world doesn't revolve around you, but it does, and if we were able to accept that and allow it to revolve us  instead of blocking its movement, we'd find that inner peace that were constantly seeking. If we let the world revolve around ourselves like we should, we would be doing everything we love, everything we desire, everything we dream of, everything we've ever wanted and more, and in doing these things we would radiate all of that good energy, all of that happiness and security out into our external world. 

The world revolving around you is the most selfless movement. It's our innate nature as human BEings to express ourselves through love in everything we do, to give and receive, to service our brothers and sisters, to appreciate everyone for what their world brings into ours, to allow our worlds to mold together into one beautiful masterpiece, rather than resist the oneness that is everything, so in letting our world revolve around ourselves we allow the consciousness of everything to revolve around itself; love. 

The idea of disconnection is only in our minds. Our realities are a manifestation of our thoughts, so in convincing ourselves that were disconnected, we "disconnect" ourselves and forget, not lose, the truth of our experience on this planet. We are each the center of the universe, starting at the very core of our hearts and expanding outwards into the infinite nothingness of life. We are one eternal consciousness, expressing itself differently through billions of physical bodies, either remaining stagnant in a world we hate, or allowing ourselves to unfold into everything we already are. We don't have to do anything to be where we want to be, we are already there, always. 

Every single being on this planet is the key component to life, for if anything that is in place right now was out of place, we wouldn't exist. God, the source, love, whatever you want to call it, is just expressing itself through us, as itself. We are just as much a part of the source as the source is a part of itself. There is no difference between us and the source. We are it. We don't need to look outside of ourselves for answers anymore because they are all within. All of this time we've been searching, on the hunt for answers, for excuses, distractions, anything to justify our severance from ourselves, but this doesn't make sense to us anymore. We don't have to be consumed by fear and doubt, we don't have to hurt anymore, because its only been ourselves hurting ourselves this entire time, no one else, so we have the ability to heal ourselves as well. And this is the beautiful part of pain.  

As chaotic as some may view the world, as much hate as you may think you see on this planet and the people around you, its only because you see that hate in yourself. When you love something and you know its purpose, it grows, so love yourself, love who you are, not who you are not, because you are already everything you wish to be, you just have to let yourself believe it. We have the power to do anything we want. Theres no longer a need to give our power away or to search for our power from something or someone outside of ourselves because we will not find it there. The only place we will find our power is in our hearts. Our hearts are all connected to each other in a beautiful rainbow matrix.

There's no gap from one person to the next. This space that we've created between each other does not exist. Because we can't see or feel this space, this nothingness, our fear consumed souls resist its nutrients, its beauty, its security. Just like a fish in water, the air is our ocean of unlimited possibilities in which we have the ability to let the current of our own spirit take us away into love. The planet, mother earth, is our root, and we are the trees. In order to grow, we need to nurture and love ourselves, provide ourselves with delicious water and nutrients, and then watch as our leaves and branches blow effortlessly in the wind, as father sky makes his presence known. 

The mother and the father work harmoniously to give us everything we need, everything we've ever wanted, now all we have to do is open ourselves up to receive. Let their magic encompass your entire being, let them fill you with their wisdom, with their healing touch. Watch and learn as they perfectly balance the masculine and femininity of life. Allow yourself to consume the role of the female and listen to your emotions, your intuition, your heart; let yourself cry if you need to. Let yourself feel. Just feel and be ok with whatever ever it is that you are feeling. In fighting off what we think we don't want, we only attract more of that into our life. Let go. Just let go and know that you always have the loving support of your mother underneath your feet and the wisdom and courage from the father sky within you at every moment. Take on the Masculine aspect of yourself and go after what you want. Take action. Believe. Create. Let the prana, your breath, your life force, flow up and down your chakras, filling you with its infinite knowledge. Let your star shine from within, lighting up your path, your purpose. 

Let yourself be yourself and watch as your life unfolds into a beautiful dream. 

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