Thursday, November 15, 2012

Feels So Good

It feels good to give your heart a hug
Its like the lonely teenager who just wants some attention and love
Someone who will listen to them and not judge
A care free love with a warm embrace
A spirit of one who sees past the face
Value of things are not always what they seem
and if you loosen your mind you'll pull at the seams
of the universe and all of its mystery
A history written with no beginning and no end
What if you could be your own friend?
Accept and understand the being within
What if you could ignite that passion in your heart?
Have a fresh start?
What if you could wipe away your past?
Would you hold on to it or let it pass?
Can you feel that in your heart?
Will you listen to it and express its art?
It feels good to give yourself what you want
It feels good to let go of the fear that taunts
Your darkest night
Where faith seems to be nowhere in sight
When you break your walls down
and you let your tears fall down
When you let your blood pour itself all over your pain
and feel every ounce of who you used to be drain
Only then can you touch the sky.


  1. My gosh this made me emotional! Oh how I've missed these posts my friend.

  2. awww thank you so much! ive missed your comments! theyre what i look forward to when i post blogs lol! have you kept up with my writing (just out of curiosity :]) hows life treatin ya?